About MKC Services

MKC Services has been established since 2009.  We are a sewing machine business, specialising in Sales, Servicing and Repairs.

MKC Services do contract work to schools and colleges which is a very important part of our business and we cover a wide area all over Yorkshire

MKC Services also sell, service and repair to most industrial sewing machines, new and second hand when available.

MKC Services specialise in high quality domestic embroidery sewing machines, but also stock a wide range of basic everyday models.

Our back up service is second to none, we do on site repairs with quick turn round time. We run handling course on sophisticated models and run regular workshops on all techniques, which include : quilting, overlocking, embroidering, twin needle and much more

Why us

  • We repair and service on site

  • We have the knowledge and experience

  • We give the best service at the most competitive price

  • We offer tuition

  • We run a sewing club exclusive to our customers

About our team


Roy is apprentice trained with over 20 years experience on both domestic and industrial sewing machines and he has qualifications to City & Guilds distinction standard. He is also highly skilled in good quality computerised machines. Roy can turn his hand to any minor or major problem with ease. He even has the knowledge of specialised industrial machines such as Buttonning machines, Buttonholers, Blind hemmers and Ovelockers . He can also instruct on their correct usage. Roy is equally at home with the capabilities of most domestic machines however intricate they may appear.


Sheila has vast experience in all aspects of sewing, from dressmaking to quilting, from embroidery to patchwork. She can turn her hand to use any sewing machine and demonstrate it’s capability. She runs hands on courses, gives personal tuition and demonstrates special sewing techniques, such as twin needles, applique, pintucks, embroidery and quilting. Sheila has the skill to determine what type of machine is ideal for specialist work and which type would suit a beginner. She puts customers at their ease so they can make an informed decision on which would be the best buy with no sales pressure